Ratchet & Clank headline another PSP-3000 bundle; you're simply thrilled

Look, we know how much you love Ratchet & Clank-oriented PSP SKUs, don't try and hide your desire. This latest PSP-3000 bundle to feature the respectively furry / mechanical duo includes a black PSP and Everyday Shooter in addition to Ratchet & Clank Size Matters, instead of the silver PSP and echochrome featured in that other bundle. These are all very important distinctions, we assure you. A 1GB Memory Stick Duo card and the ever-desireable National Treasure 2 are included as well. The new bundle hits on December 15 for the same old $199 pricetag. We're still waiting on that $169 standalone PSP-3000 with bated, Skype-ready breath.

[Via PSP Fanboy]