Creative gives up, introduces the Zen Moo

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Thomas Ricker
November 21st, 2008
Creative gives up, introduces the Zen Moo

We've seen plenty of cheap plastic MP3 land-fillers in our day. But those usually originate from deep-down within the fetid bowels of some no-name manufacturing house in southeast Asia, not the once illustrious Creative. The Zen Moo (yes, Moo) appears to be be a Zen Stone with extra bits of plastic and paint added to achieve Cow. Like the Stone, you get a small OLED, 2GB of memory, 20 hours of playback, and FM tuner to the delight of kids across China (where the Zen Moo was announced) -- hey, it's never too early to destroy a child's hearing. Gift-wrapped product waifs holding the accompanying speaker accessory after the break.

Update: Seems the Zen Moo is a tribute to the 2009 Chinese New Year, year of the plastic cow.

[Via EpiZENTer, thanks Oscar M.]
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