FetchTV STB bundles Freeview and HD VOD support

Tough to say how well this will catch on across the pond, but we're definitely digging the direction this box is headed. IP Vision's latest set-top-box is quite the interesting character, being completely carrier-independent and boasting no subscription fees whatsoever. The unit includes an HDD for storing up to 40 hours of content, a Freeview tuner, an export-to-USB feature (read: external storage support) and the ability to tap into a wide library of video-on-demand content. Speaking of the latter (FetchTV), users can suck down material from Paramount, ITV, Turner Broadcasting, Eagle Vision, Fremantle, Entertainment Rights and Aardman, with movies priced between £1.99 and £3.50 and other shows costing £0.29 to £1.99. The unit itself can be purchased now for £149.99 (or £129.99 for a limited time) -- tell us, UKers, is this something you might be interested in?

[Via TechDigest]