It's not that I wasn't satisified, but...

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|11.22.08

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It's not that I wasn't satisified, but...
So it's been a while since I mentioned it, but I'm still pretty gung ho on helping to enforce WoW gameplay policies, especially RP server specific policies, and I will not hesitate to report anyone I see violating them by means of name or conduct. With the recent changes to the report system, I generally just stick their names and a few notes into the Report an Issue and move on, knowing that eventually, a GM will get the report and hopefully decided to be an enforcer that day.

But even though I've elected not to speak with a GM, I still often get an email telling me the usual spiel: They looked into the issue, but are not able to tell me what happened due to privacy issues and whatnot.

Then comes the customer service satisfaction survey that asks me if the issue was resolved to my satisfaction.

I know it's probably automatically generated, but it both amuses me and confuses me. I mean, It's not to say I wasn't satisfied per se, but... how can I ever really say that my issue was actually taken care of? I'm not allowed to know what action was taken for "privacy reasons," so all I can do is watch for the dude I reported again. If he doesn't show up, maybe he got disciplined or got that name change. If he does show up, I'm left stewing because it looks like Blizzard didn't do anything, expect this is 3 weeks later and I no longer have access to that survey to tell them.

I suppose I'm still sort of unsure about all this "privacy" stuff. I'm not saying that you announce to everyone every action on a petition, but I'd really like to see some more GM Accountability on these matters. Something like a, "Thanks friend, I'd say the name Longjohnson is inappropriate and in need of a change, we'll get on that,." or a "No, sorry, we don't believe that Mootimer is in violation of our naming policy, rule X does not apply to him because Mootimer could technically be a proper name, and will not be taking action." I mean, you could even do it as a later email so people don't have a chance to sass you in tells or something.

In theory, I'm going to see the results of the inquest in game anyway when I see whether or not the name's changed. Why not let me know if there will be a change, and if not, tell me why the GM subjectively decided not to do it even though I am sure it is a clear violation of server policy? As an RP server player, it might give me a clearer picture of what GMs are doing (or not doing) to protect my playstyle and the rules of RP server. And of course, it'd help me actually be able to fill out those customer service surveys too, finally.
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