Holidaze 2008: Live in the past, it's cheaper (Page 2)

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|11.27.08

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Holidaze 2008: Live in the past, it's cheaper (Page 2)

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

What we said then: "Perhaps the most surprising thing about the game is how few actual revolutionary concepts are contained within. It selects existing game design tools, hones them to practical perfection and creates what is, in our opinion, the military shooter against which all others must be judged."

What we say now: "An essential 'tunnel of fun' shooter with a rewarding multiplayer component. If you find yourself disappointed by this year's Call of Duty: World at War, it's probably this game's fault."

Current retail price: $39.99 (Game of the Year edition)

Super Mario Galaxy

What we said then: "And on the seventh day we ended that which we had played. And we blessed the seventh day, and remembered it, for it was the day in which we had seen the fun. And despite its imperfections, we realized it was a game worthy of the heralded Mario legacy. And, finally, we saw that it was good."

What we say now: "Go on! Try finding a 2008 Wii game that's better than Super Mario Galaxy. And then send it to us, please."

Current retail price: $49.99! (but $36.99 on Amazon)

Rock Band

What we said then:
"If you've ever closed your eyes while listening to a song, and imagined that you were on stage, playing in front of a full-to-brim Madison Square Garden, Harmonix has created a channel for you to bring that daydream to fruition. You're always aware you aren't playing real music, but it makes no difference. Drums are being hit, and guitars are being strummed -- it doesn't matter that they're made of plastic. The illusion of musical interaction is there, and is stronger than any other rhythm game that came before."

What we say now: "Hmm! It's a little bit harder to recommend the original Rock Band with a superior sequel (and improved peripherals) sitting on shelves. With new downloadable songs becoming available each week, the cheaper price is the only thing justifying a purchase of the older version."

Current retail price: $139.99 w/ instruments -- If you don't have instruments already, you might want to invest in Rock Band 2's improved bundle instead. If you still want the Rock Band 1 songs, you can purchase or even rent the disc and transfer its contents to Rock Band 2.


What we said then:
"The design itself told the story of a failed utopia, an underwater art-deco Eden gone sour. The pools of water and rusted metal juxtaposed with the bright neon signs and period music immediately set the tone and helped deliver one of the most memorable environments in video games or, dare we say, any entertainment field."

What we say now: "Though the story's many strengths and weaknesses have been thoroughly dissected, BioShock remains an involving, beautiful and haunting journey. And we have yet to grow tired of killing Splicers with telekinetically propelled cash registers."

Current retail price: $29.99 (Xbox 360) / $19.99 (PC) / $59.99 (PS3)


What we said then: "The game is phenomenal in every sense of the word, its deviously delirious guide and antagonist, GlaDOS, already running rampant online as a fully fledged and infinitely quotable meme. It certainly speaks volumes of its witty writing when the game's other widely recognized star is nothing more than a vaguely endearing block. The intelligence isn't merely confined to the game's dialogue either -- it permeates every aspect of Portal's 'Aha!' puzzles and perfectly paced progression. There is no filler here."

What we say now: "We were so incredibly right last year!"

Current retail price: $9.99 (PC standalone) / $15.00 (XBLA with additional levels)
$19.99 (Xbox 360 and PS3 Orange Box) / $29.99 (PC Orange Box)

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