Medion intros three new fingerprint-scanning GPS units

Medion has been cramming fingerprint scanners into its GPS units for a little while now, but it looks like it's now firmly committed to the technology, with its latest batch of models each packing the extra level of security. Those include the GoPal P5235, P5435 and X5535, which each boast a 5-inch touchscreen display, voice recognition, and live traffic updates, plus a nearly identical appearance. The P5435 one-ups things slightly over the P5235 with some handsfree Bluetooth calling, while the X5535 goes all out with a built-in gyrometer that promises to pick up some of the slack when the GPS signals drop out. No word on a price or release date for any of 'em just yet, unfortunately, but we wouldn't expect the base model to be too far off the $269 that the nearly identical model that just hit Europe demands.

[Via Electronista]