Medion's GoPal P4425 navigator sports fingerprint scanner

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.25.07

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Medion's GoPal P4425 navigator sports fingerprint scanner
For those worried about crooks swiping their GPS while it's left alone in the vehicle, Medion is introducing a new navigator that becomes utterly useless if the owner's fingerprint isn't around to get things going. The GoPal P4425 is also equipped with the usual amenities found on a higher-end GPS including Bluetooth, RDS-TMC, voice activation, text-to-speech, and an FM transmitter. Additionally, you'll find a 4.3-inch widescreen display, a rechargeable Li-ion that's good for four to five hours before needing a boost, and full western Europe maps complete with "a preloaded safety camera database with major route speed limit warnings." Set to hit shelves in November, the GoPal P4425 carries a £299.99 ($604) pricetag, while the pared down GoPal E3410 that was simultaneously announced will run you £189.99 ($383).

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