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UK crime review proposes fingerprint readers on DAPs

UK crime review proposes fingerprint readers on DAPs
Evan Blass
Evan Blass|March 27, 2007 10:20 PM
Blissfully unaware that biometric security only encourages criminals to make off with your body parts along with your gear, the British government has apparently released a review on crime suggesting that fingerprint scanners might cut down on DAP theft. The rather short-sighted proposal is one example of ways in which the UK could "work in partnership with businesses to crime-proof their products, services and processes to the highest standards," although as TG Daily rightly points out, devices sport fingerprint, vein, or iris scanners primarily to secure sensitive data in the event of loss -- not to discourage would-be crooks from snatching them in the first place. Now if the fine chaps who wrote up the report had only had the good sense to contact us for input, they would have learned that the best way to protect your iPod isn't with biometrics or passwords but by cleverly hiding it in ties and button-down shirts -- or barring that, tethering it to your person and forcing that mugger to fight you to the death and really earn his "income."
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