Sony Ericsson's P10 (Paris) gets another hands-on, full-blown review

We know it's the season for giving and all, but you're probably ready to stop being handed all these postmortem looks at Sony Ericsson's P10 (Paris). The UIQ-based handset, which was inexplicably canned earlier this year, was recently acquired and handled by the SE lovers over at SEMC Blog. As with most everyone else that has been fortunate enough to play with this here slider, these critics also couldn't figure out why the firm didn't forge ahead with production. Of course, it could just be the sentimental factor making the phone feel a bit more awesome than it actually is, but even with a bit of bias taken into account, it still seems like a winner. Too bad the powers that be deemed it a loser. Check the read link if you're okay with one last shower of tears.