Apple gives developers the ability to use promo codes

Cory Bohon
C. Bohon|12.03.08

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Apple gives developers the ability to use promo codes
Apple has now given developers the ability to use promo codes to give away copies of their applications on the App Store. Previously, developers had to build a special version of their application (i.e. Ad-hoc copy) that included a mobile provisioning file and the actual application. These two files were then dragged onto iTunes to install them.

With the Ad-hoc model, developers were limited to giving away 100 copies of their applications. Plus, users needed to find & supply the UDID information for their iPhone/iPod touch. With this change, developers can give away a special code that, when typed into the iTunes Store under the "Redeem" section, will give the user a free (or promotional) copy of the application. However, there are some caveats to using the promotional codes:
  • The developer can only give away up to 50 promotional codes per application version
  • Currently the promo codes can only be used in the US iTunes Store
We're sure that this will fill the gap between developers looking to get reviews and users eager to do the reviewing. Nice work, Apple!

[via MacRumors]
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