Blizzard's European A Very Warcraft Christmas Contest

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Blizzard's European A Very Warcraft Christmas Contest
Blizzard's European arm has partnered with Steelseries to offer some cool prizes this Christmas for folks that send in pictures of a World of Warcraft themed Christmas decoration. The contest is only available to a slew of countries in Europe, and there is no indication if there will be a US version of the contest (though I wouldn't be surprised).

They're offering some pretty cool prizes from custom WoW keyboards, to gaming mice, to mouse pads. You can browse through our gallery bellow to take a look at what you can win.

I'm most interested in the keyboard. I tried one like it at a convention a couple years ago, but never had any extended play time with it. I have to wonder what it would do for my prolific use of macros during raids and groups.

Check out after the break for some more contest rules from Blizzard, along with a list of exactly what countries are eligible.

Remember, send your entries to Blizzard! Not us!

  1. The contest will run from December 3, 2008 until January 2, 2009. Entries submitted past this date will not be considered eligible for participation.
  2. Digital photographs must be submitted via the Photograph Submission page.
  3. Only five submissions per entrant will be allowed.
  4. Only submissions from countries eligible to participate will be accepted. Those who are eligible to participate are:
    • Participants aged 15 or more residing in:
      • France
      • Belgium
      • United Kingdom
      • Luxembourg
    • Participants aged 18 or more residing in:
      • Germany
      • Austria
      • Sweden
      • Finland
      • Denmark
      • Norway
      • Ireland
      • The Netherlands
      • Spain
      • Russia
Submissions sent in from countries not listed as eligible will be discarded.

See Blizzard's full set of terms for additional information.
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