PromoAppCode hopes to be one-stop shop for iPhone promo codes

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PromoAppCode hopes to be one-stop shop for iPhone promo codes
It's no secret that the current methods of trying out iPhone applications before purchase is very cumbersome. While Apple has bestowed the ability for developers to issue promo codes, there is still the matter of taking the time to actually track down those codes for applications that you want to try.

The folks at TickleSpace Inc. hope to make this process a bit easier by providing a place where developers can directly connect with potential customers and give them those promo codes. recently opened its doors to developers, and TickleSpace hopes that the site will be an easier way for people to try out apps.

"With 10k+ apps in the store now, developers want more ways to get noticed and power users want more ways to find and get great apps," said TickleSpace's Amanuel Tewolde.

When you sign up for the forum, users can peruse the list of applications available in the forums and add the apps they want to try to a wish list. Developers can view user wish lists and send them the promo code directly, Tewolde said. Developers will also be able to keep track of the codes they've issued and who has listed their apps on their wish list. They would also be able to communicate directly with those users for feedback, an incentive for developers to try the site, Tewolde said

As of Monday night, there was several pages of applications available. I added one to my wish list and we'll see what happens in the next few days. It's an interesting idea, and definitely one method of getting promo codes out to a willing group of testers. However, there's still some limitations - mainly the Apple-imposed ones. Developers only give away 50 codes per application version, and demand can quickly exceed available codes. What do you think of this method of distributing promo codes? What other methods do you think would work? Let us know in the comments!
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