Rumor: March 22 release for Pokemon Platinum [update]

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|12.09.08

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Chris Greenhough
December 9th, 2008
Rumor: March 22 release for Pokemon Platinum [update]
Our Pokédexes have sat idle too long for our liking, but now new light may have been shed on the North American release of Pokémon Platinum. While the game has yet to emerge in its non-Japanese form on Amazon or GameStop's site, Circuit City just listed the title, and apparently caught a release date in the process: March 22.

Naturally, this shouldn't be considered official yet, but a six-month gap between the Japanese and North American versions of a Pokémon title is pretty much the norm by now.

Update: Looks like Circuit City pulled the listing, but it was definitely there, we SWEAR. You believe us, right? *puppy dog eyes*

[Via Bulbapedia; thanks, hvnlysoldr!]
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