Wrath 101: Farming for Eternals

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|12.09.08

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Wrath 101: Farming for Eternals
So you're level 80. What now? Raiding? PvP? Hah, no, not really. It's time to start farming mats for... everything! When you're off farming, Eternals (the Wrath equivalent of Primals) are probably on the top of your list. We've had a lot of people asking us what the best places for Eternal farming are, so we're here with the answer.

Below is a quick guide to the best spots for every type of Elemental Eternal in Wrath of the Lich King, and it's assumed that you have Cold Weather Flying when you're out farming. Most of the best farming spots aren't exactly tuned for players lower than level 77, and you can't get to the really awesome spots at all. So hold off on your farming until you're 80, or near 80. It will make your life easier.

Eternal Shadow

Crystallized Shadow, along with Life, is among the harder Eternals to get your hands on. Wintergrasp has a load of it, but beyond that there's really only reliable place to farm it and it's very hotly contested. Because of all of that, it tends to be one of the more expensive Eternals on most servers.
  • Shadow Revenants and Wandering Shadows are the ones you'll find in Wintergrasp when your faction owns the zone. The Revenants have a drop rate of well over 100%, meaning each kill will probably yield more than one Crystallized Shadow per kill. The Wandering Shadows have a much lower droprate, but still higher than most everything else you'll find in Northrend.
  • Deathbringer Revenants can be found in the Frostmourne Cavern in the Dragonblight, and is really the only other viable farming point for Crystallized Shadow. Their droprate is just slightly lower than the Wandering Shadows.
Eternal Life
As mention before, Life is one of the more annoying to farm Eternals assuming you're not an Herbalist. This one is substantially harder than the others for one really big reason: Wintergrasp has no Life Revenants. There are no Life Revenants anywhere. Which means, you get no freebie 100%+ droprate mobs. Wintergrasp does have Life Elementals, just not their more awesome counterpart.

Eternal Life is quite cheap on the auction house despite how annoying it can be for normal folk to farm them, because Herbalists get massive amounts of Crystallized Life from picking flowers.
  • Living Lashers are the Wintergrasp mobs you're looking for, and they have roughly a 25% droprate. They're tightly packed, and though there are no Revenants for Crystallized Life, this will still be your best bet if you're willing to go into a PvP zone.
  • Mossy Rampagers are your next best bet, which isn't saying much when it comes to Crystallized Life. Next best is still not great. The Rampagers are a bit spread out, and they're mixed in with Basilisks. Downright unpleasant. The alternative is the Lashers in Sholazar Basin, which are mixed in with cobras, alligators, and are more spread out than the Rampagers. I do not recommend those.
Eternal Water
Crystallized Water is a nice change from Shadow and Life, you can get it all over the place. Wintergrasp is, of course, the best place for it, but you can find it in just about every zone. You can fish it up, and Miners can get it from Cobalt and Titanium nodes. Below are some good spots for non-Miners to get their hands on Water.
  • Water Revenants and Glacial Spirits in Wintergrasp are your biggest source of Crystallized Water. I don't think this needs more explanation, we've done that already.
  • Icebound Revenants, which are basically smack dab in the middle of Storm Peaks at The Frigid Tomb, will be your next most farmable region for Crystallized Water.
  • Aqueous Spirits on the Stormwright's Shelf in Sholazar Basin are a great farming spot as well, because not only is it a good source of Crystallized Water, it's also a good source of Crystallized Air and there are some daily quests in the area from the Oracles and Frenzyheart.
Eternal Air
In Classic WoW, Essence of Air was incredibly frustrating to farm, all of the mobs tucked away in a little corner of Silithus. In The Burning Crusade, it wasn't much better. You were snared to one or two places for Primal Air, unless you were an Engineer. On top of the rarity of the items, they were used a lot. It was pretty much the bane of Rogues (and other melee), since Air = Wind = Agility. All of their crafted items used Air Somethings.

It is much easier to get Eternal Airs than either of those two ever were, so be happy! Listed below are just the best places to get Crystallized Air, but certainly not the only places.
  • As usual, Wintergrasp is a great place to go. The Tempest Revenants and Whispering Winds will be your targets, and are easily the best source of Crystallized Air.
  • The Storm Revenants up on the Stormwright's Shelf in Sholazar Basin are a good source, and like I mentioned before, you can farm Crystallized Water at the same time, and knock out a couple of daily quests as well. It's a good spot overall.
  • If you'd prefer a spot with just Air Elementals so all of that other crap doesn't get in your way, the Scions of Storm at the Howling Hollow In Storm Peaks is the way to go. They're not incredibly tightly packed, but the droprate is good and there's very little nonsense to get in your way.
Eternal Fire
Crystallized Fire is more common than Shadow, but not nearly as common as Water or Air. There's certainly more than one good place to farm it, but not that many more.
  • Wintergrasp is, as always, a really good place to go. Flame Revenants and Raging Flames will be your targets, in one of the far corners of the zone, which you'll notice is in close proximity to the Maw of Neltharion. Kind of neat, huh?
  • Storm Peaks has two good places for Crystallized Fire. Though the mob count in those places is fairly low, the drop rate is decent. There probably aren't enough elementals for 5+ people to farm all in one little spot, but if you manage to get one of the spots to yourself you're pretty set. The Wailing Winds in the Frostfloe Deep and the Seething Revenants at Fjorn's Anvil (which may require some Sons of Hodir questing to 'unlock') are the hot spots.
Eternal Earth
Crystallized Earth is on the more common end of things, and one of the better farming spots is in a place you should be questing anyway for the Sons of Hodir. Convenient!
  • Wintergrasp. You know the drill.
  • Brittle Revenants spawn at Frostfield Lake in Storm Peaks, right behind Dun Niffelem. One of your Sons of Hodir dailies has you killing these, so you might as well get both at once!
  • Lifeblood Elementals in Sholazar Basin swarm around the Lifeblood Pillar, and while their droprate is a little lower than most of the things listed so far, they're very easily farmed. There are quite a few of them, and they'll be a few levels under you so you'll probably be able to round up a bunch at once safely.
And that's about it. Make sure you check out our very handy maps in the gallery attached to this post to see exactly which areas I'm referring to, and so you have an idea of where you should go within Wintergrasp to get what you're looking for. Remember, these elementals are only in Wintergrasp when your faction owns the zone!
Arthas awaits and so do your questions. Find the answers you've been looking for that will help you with your journey into Northrend and to level 80 with Wrath 101.
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