Clevo's 18.4-inch M98xNU gaming laptop packs a lot of junk in its trunk

You'd think with an 18.4-inch panel, the engineers at Clevo could figure out a way to stretch the components within the case into a more horizontal orientation. Instead, this beast is as thick as ever (at least, it sure looks that way), but we suppose you need a good bit of breathing room when tucking a quad-core Intel processor, twin NVIDIA 9800M GTX GPUs and gigabytes upon gigabytes of RAM within a "portable" enclosure. Word on the street has it that the machine -- which also features a 1080p panel as well as a hybrid graphics system for times when hardcore frames-per-second pushing isn't necessary -- will be officially unveiled next March at CeBIT. Our initial thought is "wow, that's a long ways off," but maybe that'll give the size some time to grow on us.

[Via NotebookReview, thanks Vinícius]