Found Footage: A fanboy's Mac mini concept

The Mac mini has an amazing following. It's a great machine for switchers who want to use their existing keyboard, mouse, and monitor, there are companies devoted to using them as small colocated servers, and the mini is the machine to use for all sorts of cool hacks.

TUAW reader, designer, and Mac mini fanboy Sait Alayali decided that it's time for a new look, so he created his own conceptual design for a new mini. Rather than the little flat box we know and love, it's designed like a right angle. It has a low-speed fan for quiet and effective cooling, a design that makes it simple to swap out drives, and it can be placed on a surface in a number of ways.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like the "boxy" look of the existing Mac mini. They're easier to stack and there are plenty of matching peripherals. I'd prefer to see a new Mac mini made with some of the MacBook Air tech so it could be thinner and smaller. How 'bout you? Leave a comment with your ideas for a new Mac mini design.

The New Mac Mini Concept from Sait Alanyali on Vimeo.