MiTAC buys Magellan consumer products division: 'take it away, Maestro'

MiTAC already did a bit of GPS reshuffling to start the year off, and now it seems a bit more of that will be required. Magellan -- the makers of the RoadMate, Maestro and Triton navigation systems -- has entered into a "definitive agreement to sell its consumer products division to MiTAC International," which goes a long way in explaining why development was suddenly halted last month on the promising Maestro Elite 5340 connected GPS. The deal is expected to close in January, and financial terms aren't being publicly disclosed at present time. So, what's this mean for both outfits at CES next month? It's hard to say, but we wouldn't count on a whole lot of new PNDs from Magellan. Hear that TomTom? You've got some slack to cover.

[Via GPSTracklog, thanks Rich]