Cox rolls a dozen HD channels to Phoenix area

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.18.08

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Cox rolls a dozen HD channels to Phoenix area
It's been half a year since Cox gave its Phoenix, Arizona-based customers any extra reasons to stick around, but it's making amends in a big way this week. The carrier has just announced a fresh dozen for the region, with Casa Grande and North Scottsdale getting 'em first. We're told that the rest of the Valley will see them come online during the next few months, but 'til then, here's what you can look forward to: AMC HD (743), Travel HD (748), Spike HD (767), Bravo HD (760), NFL HD (766), MTV HD (717), SciFi HD (750), HGTV HD (741), CNN HD (736), Planet Green HD (764), TLC HD (742) and Versus HD (769). For a look at the full release (and the list of new SD networks), head on past the break.

Cox beefs up customer's High Definition channel lineup with the launch of 12 new HD channels

In addition to new HD channels, Cox is adding many standard channels too

PHOENIX (December 17, 2008) Just in time for the holiday's Cox Communications is launching 12 new High Definition (HD) channels valley wide. The new HD channels have recently come on line in Casa Grande and North Scottsdale and will be rolled out throughout the Valley during the coming months.

"We know that prices for High Definition TVs are falling and will be on the top of many wish lists this year. Our HDTV customers can continue to count on Cox Arizona to provide the best and most popular high definition programming," said Ivan Johnson, vice president of Community Relations & TeleVideo, Cox Communications Arizona.

The new HD channels include:

- AMC – Chan. 743

- Travel – Chan. 748

- Spike – Chan. 767

- Bravo – Chan. 760

- NFL – Chan. 766*

- MTV – Chan. 717

- Sci Fi – Chan. 750

- HGTV – Chan. 741

- CNN – Chan. 736

- Planet Green – Chan. 764

- TLC – Chan. 742

- Versus – Chan. 769

*customer must subscribe to Sports & Info tier.

In addition to respond to customer requests, Cox will also be adding new standard definition channels to several tiers.

The new standard channels include:

Sports/Info Tier:

- Fox Business News - Chan. 174

Variety Tier:

- WEtv (west feed) - Chan. 180 -

- Style (west feed) - Chan. 181

- PBS Kids Sprout - Chan. 182

- Chiller - Chan. 184

- SiTV - Chan. 185

Discovery Tier:

- MLB Network - Chan. 17

"Our goal is to provide top notch service to our customers, while continuously enhancing our products such as video, telephone and high speed Internet," said Johnson.
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