Help Wanted: live the sumo-refereeing dream

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JC Fletcher
December 19th, 2008
Help Wanted: live the sumo-refereeing dream

The latest batch of screens from Hudson's Help Wanted introduce some new jobs from the game's selection of fifty. Though the screenshots are mostly self-explanatory, we've labeled all of the new screens with the job they depict.

Hudson may be breaking new ground by creating the first game in which you play a sumo referee -- although we're sure we'll hear about it if there's already some sumo referee franchise! "Security Guard" seems to involve watching a bunch of security monitors and setting off an alarm at the appropriate time, which means that, though we never expected to relate this game to Night Trap, we totally can. And "Interviewer" is a game based around bothering celebrities on the red carpet.

The game's central storyline involves earning enough money to buy a watch that transforms you into a giant, capable of saving the world from an incoming meteor. Amusingly, you can also get a job demonstrating products on the home shopping channel from which you plan to buy the watch.

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