N810-ish, Linux-based MID pops up overseas, brings hope to at least one reviewer

You know, we were hoping for a Nokia knock-off to poke fun at this morning, but what we got instead was a comprehensive five page review of a vaguely N810-ish, Linux-based handheld called the MID-2008. The 4.3-inch, 800 x 480 touchscreen phone / media player features a 628MHz processor, 128MB RAM and supports a 16GB expansion card, WiFi and Bluetooth. A host of apps are bundled in with the thing, such as Firefox, document readers for MS Office and PDF files, a YouTube app, the Pocket Oxford Concise English-Chinese dictionary and several games, including our personal fave, "Crazy Parking!" Unfortunately, the phone was disabled on the demo unit so there's no telling how the thing works as a handset, but as a media player the device was praised effusively. Of course, that could be saying more about the "new hope" that "Chinese-made phones" bring to the reviewer than the device itself. At any rate, we don't have a manufacturer or a price on this one yet but we'll keep you posted.