Rumor: Kuju zombie shooter 'Redwood Falls' shelved

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|12.24.08

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Rumor: Kuju zombie shooter 'Redwood Falls' shelved

Infected monkeys not withstanding, games about the undead are all the rage, which is why we're puzzled at UK-based Kuju Entertainment's apparent decision to shelve Redwood Falls. According to PlayStation Universe, the Battalion Wars dev has taken a shotgun to the upcoming PS3-exclusive zombie shooter, a representative from the company reportedly telling the site that "the game itself is on hold."

First demoed during the Japanese Play UK event in 2006, Redwood Fall's chief gimmick was the ability to rip opponents to shreds with gunfire, with bodies reacting in a believable manner to being torn apart. Honestly, we'd like to be more broken up over this news, had the game not completely fallen off of our radar like a dismembered limb. Even so, we're following up with Kuju, and will update if we find out more.

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