First Starfleet ship detailed for Star Trek Online

The Star Trek Online official website has a Christmas day present in the form of the first ship description and details. While there's no actual in-game goodies, it's the first information we've been given on something that will probably end up in the final code of the game. We even a pretty good ship to start with: an iteration of the sexy Sovereign-class ship seen in the last Next Generation movies.

If there was ever any doubt that there wouldn't be much combat in the game, the NX-91001 (or as we like to call it, "The Nixy") is armed with 16 heavy-duty phaser arrays and 8 torpedoes. For the sci-fi tech nerds out there, the computer systems use a "Bioneural circuitry" that mimics organic neurons for super-crazy-fast computing. And no Star Trek ship would be complete without regenerative shields. Although this ship also boasts some incredibly thick future-alloy armor, as well.

We know Star Trek isn't all about combat, and we hope Star Trek Online will be more than that, but there's no denying that the allure of hopping into the bridge of this ship and kicking some space-butt is strong.