Bob's Ultimatum

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Bob's Ultimatum

Robert Pelloni, creator of the sedate-looking RPG Bob's Game, has resorted to desperate measures in order to secure his game an official release. If you've been following the story elsewhere, you know that he's in the midst of a self-imposed confinement, locked in an office until Nintendo agrees to sell him the DS software development kit.

Now, on day 21 of his protest, Pelloni has discovered a previously unknown, even deeper end off of which to go. After calling out the Nintendo executives he's spoken to, who are apparently holding back his approval as a developer, Pelloni has threatened to bundle Bob's Game with a DSi flash cart if not given the opportunity to develop it as an official DS game. He claims it would be the first "killer app" for a homebrew device, and could "significantly cut into Nintendo's bottom line."

We aren't sure if Pelloni ever catches DS Fanboy posts from within his secret fortress, since he claims to have no Internet access other than email from his phone, but if he is, we would like to suggest that he stop doing this kind of stuff, get out of the office, and either continue contacting Nintendo or just go somewhere else. We suspect that the more public he is with this stuff, the less likely Nintendo is to want anything to do with him -- especially if he's talking about flash carts.

[Via Joystiq]
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