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5 PS3 predictions for 2008


Disclaimer: None of these predictions were made by Miss Cleo.

Every year, PSP Fanboy made predictions on what will happen in the year ahead. So far, they've been quite successful with many of their visions of the future coming true. Now, we'll have some fun with the PS3. Here's what we're seeing in our crystal ball ...

PS3 Prediction #1: Warner Bros. will go Blu-ray exclusive.
Rumors have been quite persistent about this major movie studio's upcoming HD plans. With Blu-ray consistently outpacing HD DVD sales, we believe that Warner Bros. will finally feel the need to choose one format over the other. Of course, Toshiba's more than willing to get its moneybags ready for HD DVD. The war will still continue through 2008.

PS3 Prediction #2: A new color for PS3 will be introduced.
Expect some sexy new colors for PS3, many of which won't appear in the US. Our European and Japanese friends will get special skinned systems for high profile games, like Metal Gear Solid. America may introduce a new premium bundle in White that includes an even larger hard drive and a hotly anticipated game.

PS3 Prediction #3: Video rental service will begin this year.
Sony will finally allow PS3 fans to download movies from the PS Store later this year. However, just like Xbox Live, the movies available will be rentals only and will require the PS3 to be signed into the PSN for playback. Sony won't want to cannibalize its own Blu-ray sales with fully downloadable movies. At the very least, Remote Play will be enhanced so that you will be able to stream these movies to the PSP.

PS3 Prediction #4: Expect more price drops.
PS3 finally dropped to $399. Expect it go down even further later this year, so that it can remain competitive against the Xbox 360.

PS3 Prediction #5: PS3 sales will get better, but won't be able to beat Xbox 360 in 2008.
In spite of a much better library of games in 2008, the PS3 will trail behind Microsoft's competing system. The PS3 will do stupendously in Europe and decently in Japan, but American gamers will remain hesitant about Sony's system. Momentum will certainly help PS3, and critics and analysts alike will predict even better things for 2009.

Will we be as lucky with our PS3 predictions as we were with the PSP? We'll have to wait and see. We'll see you again in twelve more months.

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