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Blizzard cracks down on Arena pet naming exploit

Mike Schramm

Jagoex over at Warlock Therapy dropped us a note that Blizzard says they'll crack down on Arena fighting Hunters who name their pets after their Arena partners. Apparently some of the higher end Arena players will create macros to target certain opponents in the Arena (though I'm not sure if this is just because they constantly face the same people or because they create the macros quick while waiting for the match to start). And if a sneaky Arena Hunter names his or her pet the same name as the priest on their team, the macro will target the closest target with that name (usually the pet).

Blizzard says no dice to that-- though Jago isn't clear how they'll enforce it (and we're not, either), they say that if they find a Hunter naming his pet the same thing as an Arena team member, the pet's name will be forcibly changed. Of course, using macros in the first place is pretty wily-- I could see an argument that if you choose to use macros, then you also choose to realize that they might not work all the time. But Blizzard has spoken, thus it shall be.

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