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TR demolitionist shows how a novelty build goes boom

Chris Chester

Their game having only been out for two months now, Tabula Rasa players really haven't been able to indulge in the curious wonder that is the novelty build. You know the type; that player who directs a veritable laser focus on making his character excel in a very specific, though usually not entirely practical or ordinary aspect of his game du jour. The difficulty of building one of these hyper-specialists varies from game to game, and Tabula Rasa's casual-friendly cloning dynamic favors this kind of experimentation and specialization.

The video shown above, plucked from the Planet TR forums, shows a player named Kore from the Cassiopeia server demonstrating the extraordinary explosive potential of a speed freak demolitionist build. Seeing a demolitionist at all is rare enough, as the specialist classes still haven't seen the full buff that the designers have promised, but spotting a demolitionist decked out in motor assist armor and popping pump 5 sprint is perhaps rarer still. Looks pretty fun to me though.

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