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Adventurers beware, mysterious rodents in FFXI

Kyle Horner

Hopefully you all like rodents, because if you happen to log into Final Fantasy XI anytime before January 14th you'll be greeted to the mysterious rodent-like beastman of Vana'diel. Said beasties could be "divine disciples" or "unsavory swindlers" and the only way to find out seems to be to brave the wide world. Ending their announcement with a wish of good fortune, the team behind FFXI don't seem to have the desire to divulge any more information beyond that. Seems pretty cryptic to us, but when you're basing your entire new years concept on the Chinese zodiac I suppose that it calls for a little exotic flavor.

I'd like to think that these rodents are kind creatures sent to give us all cooking advice, but I suppose not all of them are going to be friendly. Would it be too much to hope for a Master Splinter-type of rodent to train players? It might not be, considering that the year of the rat is just around the corner anyhow. Our only word of advice is to bring along a big chunk of cheese with a nice, strong aroma.

[Via Ten Ton Hammer]

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