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Ask Engadget HD: How do I get more HD programming on my Mac?

Darren Murph

These days, it's not too far fetched to yearn for HDTV on one's computer, and while pulling in OTA channels is fine and dandy for some, we're looking for the full monte. For those who don't mind dabbling in Windows, there's a growing selection of CableCARD-equipped rigs available for purchase, but for those who prefer OS X, things are a bit less clear. 2008's first Ask Engadget HD question is one that will likely clarify itself in the coming months -- or at least we hope -- but we're pretty sure Mark's worried about the here and now.

"I've got a Mac Pro and use an EyeTV USB tuner to pick up a few OTA channels. Considering that I'm not interested in picking up a Windows-based, CableCARD-equipped machine, do you know of a way I could get more HD programming on my Mac?"

Aside from just snagging an HDTV and set-top-box, what do you crafty folks recommend? There has certainly been a recent surge in internet-based HD content, but even that is far from being a bona fide solution. We know, CableCARD-equipped Macs would pretty much wrap this up, but until that day dawns, what options does poor Mark (and countless others) have?

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