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Though we're still shaking off the gaming haze of 2007, aught-eight is under way and waiting for no man. Just when it seems like nothing could top last year's surfeit of incredible games, along comes a feature by, covering 2008's biggest known releases and reminding us that we're not out of the water yet.

Considering their Wall Street pedigree, it shouldn't be surprising that they concentrate mostly on the major public companies and their biggest '08 releases. First up is Take-Two and Grand Theft Auto IV, the obvious frontrunner in terms of sales for '08. Next is EA's Spore, which presents a slightly more muddled outlooks; without a franchise name to build off of, and a nebulous release date, analysts aren't sure where to put it. THQ's been hurting a bit lately, so analysts are hopeful that Saint's Row 2 (expected in '08) along with licensed games (y'know, for kids) will help pull them out of their funk. Oh, and there's some Wii Fit thing which is supposed to make "Nintendo" a bunch of cash. Or something.

The last two titles on their list are PS3 exclusives: Metal Gear Solid 4 they say "will be a bigger deal for Sony than for Konami" while LittleBigPlanet could "revive Sony's fortunes in the video games industry." What other big titles should we be looking out for in '08?

[Via GamePolitics]

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