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Autonet Mobile now serving up music, movies, and games

Nilay Patel

The press release is pretty low on facts, but Autonet Mobile, the quirky car-centric ISP / EV-DO MNVO, has just announced that it will now allow customers to download music, movies and games to its routers and access them from any WiFi device. Of course, Autonet's EV-DO / WiFi routers don't have any built-in storage that we know of, so it looks like you're pretty much just downloading all this stuff to your laptop -- which isn't exactly press release-worthy, so we're assuming they forget to mention something that would actually make this interesting, like a content partnership or network storage. It's either that or CES PR fever is starting to hit a couple days early, but we'll optimistically read "passengers can access their personalized stored content via the unit's simple user interface" as meaning something substantial -- at least until we see this thing in action next week.

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