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Dragon's Lair seeking publisher for PSP


Do you like walking down the beach during sunset? Do you enjoy long, romantic conversations? Also, do you happen to publish PSP games? Then, Dragon's Lair is looking for you. According to the press release, United Coders is eager for a publisher to help them start a PSP version of the famed laserdisc video game of yore. "United Coders, developers of the Nintendo DS version of the game, are currently putting the final touches to the Nintendo DS version, and is currently seeking a publisher for a version of the game on the Sony PSP. In exchange for funding the development and intellectual property cost of Dragon's Lair® for Sony PSP, the publisher will be granted the global publishing rights for the format. United Coders expect to begin development of Dragon's Lair® for Sony PSP in February with a release date of Christmas 2008 on the platform."

To get a better idea on the potential success of a Dragon's Lair game on our handheld, we ask you -- would you be interested in a PSP version of this game?

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