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Ask a Stargate Worlds developer


As we reported on a few days ago, the gang at Stargate Worlds has started the new year off with a bang. Between the first SGW trailer appearing on the season premier of Stargate Atlantis tonight, Wednesday's proclamation that 2008 is the year of Stargate Worlds, and the announcement of the game's revamped logo... the hype machine is in full swing.

Now is the perfect time to ask the game's developers a question. But how? Clickety-click on over to the official Stargate Worlds Forums. If you're not a member sign up (it's free) and add your question to the growing list of conundrums and queries that might just get asked for the next developer podcast (Episode VI).

The countdown to this epic sci-fi MMO has started. Be sure you don't miss the Stargate. The next one might not open for some time.

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