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Give Metal Slug 3 the blood it deserves


Fans of the Metal Slug series may have been disappointed to learn that Metal Slug 3 was stripped of its lifeblood for the Xbox Live Arcade release. The be more precise, the game was stripped of the fountains of blood created when characters get shot, stabbed, eviscerated, or otherwise dispatched. The blood was sneakily replaced with sweat for the North American release, as if the crafty people at SNK Playmore thought we wouldn't notice. Thankfully, there is a fix, and it's not even difficult to do. So, how does one turn on the red stuff? Is it ABACABB? No, much simpler actually. All you have to do is switch your console's language settings to Japanese. See, easy, right? The only hard part now is making sure you can find your way back to the language settings again. Good luck with that.

[Via Joystiq]

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