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MS to offer free XBLA game for Live outage

Dustin Burg

Our constant grumblings about Xbox Live being wonky this past holiday have been heard and Microsoft is sorry. So sorry that (just as rumored) they will be offering a free Xbox Live Arcade game to all Xbox Live members to compensate for the service being so unstable. Aww, how nice.

Posted over on is an open letter written by GM of Xbox Live Marc Whitten about Live's holiday outage and simply put, they are sorry. As we expected, the wonkiness was due to Live being strained to the max this holiday season. So much so, the Live team broke a few records including the most people signing up for Live in a given period and the most people signed onto the service at once. Anyway, Marc and his entire Xbox Live team want to celebrate the success of Live and reward users for their patience and understanding during the holidays by offering a FREE XBLA game download. What free game wasn't announced, but it should be available in the next few weeks, so we'll keep our ears open for more info in the days to come. Now let's just get back to a "normal" Live experience, give us our free Arcade game and we'll be good. Apology accepted.

[Via Major Nelson, Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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