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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending December 23rd, 2007

Ben Drawbaugh

Not sure if we're ever going to catch up, but this weeks edition of Home Media Magazine includes the Nielsen VideoScan results from the week ending December 23rd. And just like the week before -- and the week after -- Blu-ray has the majority with a 61:39 (1.56:1) share. For the second week in the row, the latest Bourne movie was able to hold off Blu-ray's best; The Simpson Movie. Blu's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was once again able to out pace red's, but not by much. For the first time since we can remember HD DVD has four titles in the top ten -- up from three -- with Transformers holding on to a top ten spot after two months of being released. While we hope that HMM skips a week in it's next issue, either way we'd expect much of the same -- yeah, real obvious when we already know the overall numbers -- with the lackluster titles released on both sides. We are interested to see how Blu-ray's first profile 1.1 titles sell, but unless the BDA tells us at CES, who knows when we will see those numbers.

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