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Transmission shifts into 1st gear

Cory Bohon

Transmission, long available in beta form, is one of my favorite torrent clients. BitTorrent, as you probably know, is a way to transfer or share files over the internet, for free, using a 'swarm' model to speed files along. Transmission makes the downloading of those files quite stunning, with its simplicity and ease of use. Transmission's beautiful user interface goes nicely with Leopard, as it has been redesigned; not to mention, it's 100% Leopard compatible. Some of the new updates in version 1.0 include:

  • Group labeling, filtering, and sorting
  • Leopard: Time Machine will ignore incomplete downloads
  • Display remaining time for seeding transfers
  • Ability to set global and per-torrent number of connections
Overall, this looks like a very nice release. It is available right now, for free, from the Transmission website.

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