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DeLorme introduces the GPS LT-40 for PCs of all types


The lovely, charming, and handsome folks over at DeLorme are all hot and bothered about their company's latest laptop and UMPC compatible GPS unit, the Earthmate GPS LT-40. The little yellow device sports an STMicroelectronics Teseo chipset, which apparently improves upon the heartbreaking and sub-par "satellite signal retention" and "positional accuracy" you've come to expect from other providers. The chip is even capable (they say) of finding your location in hard-to-reach areas, like around skyscrapers, or in a black hole. Additionally, the LT-40 is Galileo-ready, and uses a little something known as "Kalman filtering," which can function well even in high RF areas. The LT-40 will go on sale in April 2008 for $69.95 coupled with the Street Atlas USA 2009 software. Woo!

[Via Navigadget]

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