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Logitech intros the Squeezebox Duet network music system


Engadget recommends you hum The Who's "Squeeze Box" while reading this post. That said, Logitech has just announced details for their latest Squeezebox, dubbed the Squeezebox Duet. The system controls your myriad musical devices with a wireless controller that can interface with multiple 802.11g Duet receivers. The controller's 2.4-inch LCD lets you browse your music library using a "familiar" scroll-wheel (now where do we recognize that from again?). But you're not limited to your own tunes, you can also tune-in internet radio providers like Rhapsody and Pandora. The Squeezebox Duet "network music system" comes with both receiver and controller for $400, and will be available in the US and Europe this month. Want additional receivers for other rooms, they'll be available for $150 while additional controllers will be available for $300. There's no escape from the music ...

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