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SIM2, Dolby aiming to deliver HDR prototype display in Q1 2008

Darren Murph

Just when you thought high dynamic range was slipping into the background once more, we've received new information that the technology is not only alive and well behind certain closed doors, but that it will be making its debut relatively soon. Reportedly, SIM2 has teamed up with Dolby to create a prototype display incorporating Dolby's HDR technologies. More specifically, the unit will be an HDR-enabled LCD using Dolby's LED local dimming technology, which should provide "dramatically enhanced contrast." Regrettably, we're not told anything beyond that -- resolution, design, inputs, etc. all remain a mystery -- but you can go on and mark Q1 2008 down as the period in which we should see the first elusive prototype. 'Course, the key word there is "should."

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