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The mount lowdown

Amanda Miller

From the day your character learns about his or her history and steps onto the sands and soils of Azeroth, there is one thing that every player has in their sights; a sweet ride. If you're wondering how to get one, or which to get, there are several guides out there that are worth a look.

Ten Ton Hammer just released a guide to the mounts of World of Warcraft. Although it sadly lacks screenshots, it provides an excellent summary of the mounted experience.

Here is what you will get:

  • Speed information
  • Skill level and cost breakdowns
  • Mount restriction details
  • Lists and locations of faction-only mounts
  • Reputation and discounts available
  • Class-specific mount information
  • The low-down on mounts that are obtained through the Trading Card Game.
Of course, you can always read through Blizzard's official mount pages, complete with dynamic screenshots. While Blizzard's does provide much of the info that the folks at Ten Ton Hammer review, their guide is less compact and perhaps a bit overwhelming to newcomers.

Although, if you are looking to find specific information about the reputation grinds and drop rates on various rare mounts, neither guide will suffice. For the truly in-depth, expert knowledge, I recommend taking some time (up to a few hours) perusing Wowwiki's mount pages.

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