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John Carmack to make a cell phone MMO

Kyle Horner

So when you think of the next shiny new MMOs coming out, do you think of any being released on a cell phone? Apparently John Carmack has said he does in a recent CNNMoney article. He says it will probably be after a sequel to one of id Software's newest original IP, Orcs and Elves. We can't imagine a cell phone MMO would have a very long development cycle (more akin to the PC-side of things) so the game could see light of day much sooner than anyone may think.

Carmack goes on to say that his reasons for the idea is a lack of interest in competing with Blizzard. That's understandable given how saturated the massively game market continues to become, however we can't help but wonder if a cell phone MMO would even be very successful unless some serious innovations were made. Considering mobile phone functionality, there are definitely some interesting possibilities such as being able to play easily with anyone in your contact list permitted they have the game as well. However, this isn't the first time we've heard of a mobile MMO, so maybe Mr. Carmack is going to run into a little competition after all.

[Via VirginWorlds]

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