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Live coverage from Samsung's CES press conference

Darren Murph

1:54PM EST - We're in! It took some lobbying, but we managed to secure a spot in the absolutely packed house that is the Samsung CES 2008 press conference. Tons of insanely loud music playing at the moment...

2:01PM EST - "Show is about to begin..." Cramped is an understatement.

2:05PM EST - Mentions the ongoing writer's strike, uses it as an excuse as to why his statements won't be funny.

2:06PM EST - Connectivity, content and creativity is new mantra -- Samsung's new theme: "Life Made Simple."

2:08PM EST - Emphasizes "bringing different screens together so you can easily share your content." Says WiFi will see action of a bevy of its upcoming products.

2:09PM EST - The above pictured demonstration was supposed to show video from the camcorder beaming wirelessly to the TV. Needless to say, it didn't work. After a quick reboot, we're in action.

2:12PM EST - Optimistic about the future of mobile TV. Shows off a few devices utilizing said technology.

2:13PM EST - "IPTV will change the way we interact with our TV -- pimps RSS integration in future HDTVs.

2:14PM EST - Announcing partnership with USA Today for "free" real-time information via a ticker like bar on the display. Also announcing a partnership within the next 24 hours about a digital media adapter -- oh, you teaser!

2:17PM EST - Touts its "Touch of Color" approach to future TVs -- hints of an Armani partnership on displays, too.

2:19PM EST - President Park exits the stage after re-emphasizing the importance of convergence in Samsung products.

2:21PM EST - Another suit climbs on stage. Series 7 LCD TV gets announced -- uses design inspirations from "the automotive industry." Doesn't look too different than what Sammy currently offers. Lots of gloss, lots of black. Also touts inspirations from nature to create a "timeless design." Whatever that means.

2:23PM EST - Series 7 to include built-in Ethernet port, built-in USB port. 1080p, 120Hz, Super Clear II Panel.

2:25PM EST - Samsung's gettin' serious about HTIB. Plans to push these like crazy this year to ensure HDTV owners head home with surround sound systems, too.

2:27PM EST - Trumpets the BD-UP5500 -- yeah, anything new? Oh, here's the A1000 AV Media Center, neat. (It's down on the left)


2:28PM EST - Announces MPFreedom initiative to pair up DAPs / PMPs with content providers. Um, yeah -- we know. Plays up forthcoming P2 firmware updates. Sheesh, it is 2008, right?

2:32PM EST - States that Samsung is gonna be playing hardball in the camera market -- announces yet another P&S (NV24HD) and its first HD camcorder.

2:33PM EST - Shows off the 22-inch 2263DX -- supports UbiSync and comes with a 7-inch secondary screen that can be positioned anywhere. Also says that the firm will be adding a splash of design to future printers. Hurray?

2:37PM EST - It's mobile time! Samsung says people "see your phone before they see you." It's kinda true, we guess. Lots of gloating -- "we brought the first GPS-enabled phone to the US." Fellow on stage nearly recommended a BlackBerry, quickly caught himself, reverted to "BlackJack II."

2:39PM EST - Talks up fashion phones for 2008 -- seeking to allow consumers to "make a great first impression." Doesn't get real specific, exits and leaves us disappointed.

2:40PM EST - A-VSB gets played up (again!). Aims to launch services in 2009 to bring local TV programming to mobile phones and handhelds. Currently in nationwide field testing, lobbying to make it an open standard. Unveils prototype UMPC, MP3 player and mobile handset that supports A-VSB. Should be on display at Samsung's booth later on.

2:48PM EST - That's it! We're outta here -- if there's AC routed to this room, it clearly wasn't flipped on.

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