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Panasonic intros SDR-SW20 / SDR-S7 SD-based camcorders

Darren Murph

Not enough dough to snag yourself an HDD-based camcorder? No worries -- Panasonic's lookin' out for you with the introduction of two new SD-based iterations. The waterproof (up to five feet) SDR-SW20 can handle seawater and kiddie pools alike, and the rugged enclosure also resists bumps and dust. As for the ultra-compact SDR-S7, it's made for slightly gentler conditions but shares the same 10x optical zoom and 2.7-inch LCD monitor found on the aforementioned sibling. Best of all, both units can record to SD and SDHC, enabling users to store over 13 hours of SD content onto a 16GB SDHC card. The SW20 is set to land next month for $399.99, while the more vulnerable S7 (shown after the jump) hits in May for a C-note less.

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