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Philips Streamium WACS7500 and WAS7500: like, damn, that's hot

Nilay Patel

Philips' Streamium line of wireless media streamers / extenders just keeps getting better-looking as time goes on, and the new 7500 series continues that tradition in style. Apart from the nifty new upright design, these are pretty much the same Streamium kit you know and love: the WACS7500 hub (left) has an 80GB disk for direct ripping, both Ethernet and built-in WiFi for connecting to your PC for content retrieval, and internet radio support. Up to five WAS7500 extenders can connect to the hub or directly to your PC, and an optional iPod dock lets you jack in locally when you're not feeling the streaming action. Both hub and extender will be available in April -- the WACS7500 for $999, and the WAS7500 extender for $299.

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