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Pioneer's AVIC-F500BT GPS nagivator offers voice control of iPods and Bluetooth cellphones


If you were with us during the Pioneer press conference, then their new AVIC LINC system is old news to you tough guy. However, the details are new. Designed to integrate with any factory car audio installation, Pioneer's new AVIC-F500BT system offers the ability to add in-car navigation and extended entertainment without modifying your existing car stereo. The primary feature is the VoiceBox Conversational Voice Search Platform -- an advanced voice technology for control over Apple's ubiquitous iPod and Bluetooth enabled devices. It's sophisticated enough to analyze and then execute on commands as varied as "I want to hear the artist U2" or "play U2" or even a Foghorned, "Why I say, why I say boy, um, play U2." It also features a 5.8-inch, WVGA touch screen, text to speech, and the ability to accept media via a USB bunged device or SD cards for MP3 or WMA playback. New POI's can be added via SD cards and a rechargeable battery lets you take it on the go. Look for it this Spring for an undisclosed price.

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