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RIM's BlackBerry 8xxx looks Rogers-bound

Chris Ziegler

So Boy Genius Report did a little spelunking with his Vodafone slide deck-o-scoopage and discovered a most amazing thing: someone was under the impression that you could cover up something you didn't want to be seen with a black box on an editable layer and have it magically go away, never to be seen again. Unfortunately for that individual (and fortunately for all of us), that couldn't be further from the truth; he simply nudged the box away from its original location along the BlackBerry 8xxx's bottom edge and discovered -- gasp! -- a carrier name. Turns out the 8xxx being shown in Voda's lineup was Rogers branded, not Vodafone, and we can see how it might be a bit of a faux pas to show another carrier's kit in your slide deck. Good news for Rogers customers, though, particularly those with thumbs of steel or three-piece suits.

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