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Russound intros RF / IR-capable RFR-E5 remote

Darren Murph

Last we heard from Russound, it was teaming up with Lifeware to create the Viiv-compliant Media Console, but this CES, it's doing it up solo and introducing a svelte new remote. Beyond the slender design, high-resolution display and the mid-mounted clickwheel, the RFR-E5 manages to stand out even further by including support for both IR and RF. The two-way design enables it to act as a "true multiroom remote control," and it can also rely on IP / Zigbee RF to communicate with an ACA-E5 Multizone Controller. Furthermore, you'll find a rechargeable battery, white LED backlighting and a cradle complete with an Ethernet port for connecting to the firm's aforementioned ACA-E5. Sadly, Russound has yet to mention how costly this one will be, but it should be available through certified integrators in Q2.

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