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XM NavWeather scares up "Threat Matrix" technology


XM's going to be debuting a service they're calling XM NavWeather – featuring "Threat Matrix" technology – next week at the 2008 North American International Audio Show. No, this isn't an up-to-date color-coded LCD panel alerting you to Homeland Security's current threat level (seriously, those things would be worth their weight in uranium), it's a service that provides immediate alerts on developing weather conditions like storms, hail, tornados, and radioactive lizard attacks. Not impressed? The data is "mapped to the driver's specific location and driving route" meaning, if need be, you can avoid unnecessary monster and/or tornado delays. They'll be announcing auto partners in early '08 but those of you sporting the XM-enabled Bushnell ONIX 400 can look forward to being threat matrixed within the next 30 days.

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