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Canon reveals standard definition camcorder lineup

Darren Murph

We already spotted Canon's entirely more interesting high-definition camcorder lineup, but for those cool with doing things the SD way, the firm's got a whole slew dedicated to you. Getting things started are the flash memory-based FS11 ($599), FS10 ($499) and FS100 ($399) models, all of which include a 48x optical zoom, 1.07-megapixel CCD sensor, SDHC support and the DIGIC DV II image processor. Moving on, we've got the DC330 ($379), DC320 ($369) and DC310 ($349) DVD camcorders, which also add an SDHC expansion slot for storing photos and an LCD Video Light for "extra illumination in low light conditions." Finally, we've got the ZR950 ($279), ZR930 ($269) and ZR900 ($249) MiniDV models, which handle the basics and little more. For all the nitty-gritty, tag the read link below.

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