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Design a very, very, very fine house with Our House

Eric Caoili

Building or remodeling a home can be extremely frustrating and expensive -- it can ruin you, if you're not careful. That's why we suggest watching other people toil on TLC and HGTV instead of actually doing any work yourself.

If you're dead set on constructing your dream home, though, you'll be happy to hear that Majesco Europe and Budcat Creations (Blast Works) are bringing that joyful experience to the Wii with Our House. This sim will have you shopping for raw materials at the "Home Store," building the house via remote-based minigames (e.g. hammering in nails, sawing wood), and decorating your new rooms with the stuff you've bought. Finally, you can have the joy of tiling your very own home, right in your very own home.

In addition to its party options with which you can compete against your friends in the different construction stages, Our House will allow you to share your completed designs with the "literal community-building feature" of its Wii Connect 24 Neighborhood Mode. This way, you can see whose taste is most likely to lower everyone's property value. We'll keep you updated with screenshots and a release date, once those are made available.

[Via Press Release]

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